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The recent heat wave that the UK ‘enjoyed’ stretched all the way down through France, with the majority of departments on an orange Canicule warning.

A week of blistering temperatures and we were once again delighted to have the pool.  

With the water temperature reaching the giddy heights of 29.8°C, it still managed to be appreciably cooler than the temperature in the garden although the desire to rush back and forth doing lengths deserted us.

However in typical Béarnaise weather fashion, one evening we had a most impressive thunder storm, complete with huge hailstones. While the pool looked as though it was boiling, Richard felt it prudent to move the car under some form of cover.

Still only wearing his trunks, but now with the addition of a dog bowl to protect his head, he shot out.  When one of the monsters scored a direct hit on his noddle, he was very glad he ignored my hilarity with his choice of head gear.  A couple more caught him on his bare back and brought up some impressive welts before he made it back to safety.

Next came Jean-Luc and Marie Pierre, a couple from near Toulouse who were also breaking the walk down into week sized bites.  They poor souls arrived on one of the hottest days so were really glad to find the pool for a cooling swim.  Despite the drizzle next morning when they left, the sun was soon out again.

We are all constantly being urged to recycle and here at Number 10, we are doing our best.

Our predecessors left an awful lot of rubbish when they left, some in the roof and yet more in the barn.  However, amongst the tat were some gems.

The most impressive was the marble fireplace found in pieces in the attic.  Admittedly a couple of bits were missing, but with a little of ingenuity and a lot of swearing we were chuffed to be able to rebuild itin the sitting room.

A door to the ‘machine room’ of the pool house was needed and there was a decidedly scruffy one lurking in the barn which we thought with a little TLC would fit the bill and save a few euro.

Another barn discovery was an old, slightly scruffy and faded art deco type poster mounted on board.  The original dates back to 1897 and is by a Czechoslovakian artist, Alphonse Mucha, who lived in Paris and advertises a liqueur made by Parisian distillers, Legouey & Delbergue.  Mucha became famous after he created a life size poster for Sarah Bernhardt’s play, “Gismonda.”

She took our fancy and we thought she would go well in the pool house, so now she takes pride of place on the old door.