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It comes to us all eventually - the time when we have to get up in the morning, head off into the big wide world and go to school.

set up this blog which will hopefully keep you posted.  We will also, as and when we get time to explore, try to let you know more about another glorious corner of France.

The pup continues to grow at an alarming rate, gaining up to 8 kilo in a month.  We have already had to buy him a bigger bed as he likes to stretch out when relaxing and bits had started to over-flow Djason’s old bed.

Last Saturday was a very big day, as he headed out for his first day at the local Ecole des chiots (puppy school ).  A daunting prospect for the little man with so many strange dogs – all shapes and sizes and all equally full of energy.  In his class alone there was everything from tiny, fluffy 8 week old pups to old hands of 6 months and more.

The lesson started gently with the basic ‘Sit’, progressing through coming round to sit at the Boss’s left side and weaving through their legs.   After a play session to relax after all that concentration, things got more interesting.  

One at a time the pups were held by the trainer, the owner moved away and hid under some sheeting before calling to the pup to come and find them – with some hilarious results.  To end the lesson they (pups that is now owners) had to squeeze under garden chairs and finally make their way over a series of small obstacles in order to improve their coordination.

Finally we were sent on our way with homework - instructions to prepare something to demonstrate to the rest of the class next week.  That could prove interesting!

Over three days of the Easter weekend Navarrenx hosted its 40th Foire des Artisans.

Around 80 from all over the South West gathered to show their wares in the heart of this pretty little bastide town.  Some in the square outside the Mairie whilst others were in and around the town’s historic Arsenel.

Many crafts such as basket weaving, leather work, wood carving, jewellery and pottery were on display.  

There were also many delicious edible treats to choose from to sample and  take home.  There was  honey in many guises and artisan breads baked while you wait.  While others were well known regional produce from  foie gras and Brebis cheeses to Jurancon wines and Armagnac.

Pretty bags for your purchase


Sheeps milk mountain cheese

Early in the month we were able to take the winter cover off the swimming pool and immediately the first hirondelle (swallow) skimmed across the water to take a drink.

The water was quickly up to 18° and we were able to have our first swim of 2017.  Over the next few days, despite frosty early mornings, the long sunny days brought the water up to 22° which was perfect for swimming.

Meanwhile up in the mountains the snow was still good and the ski season did not end until lasted until after this year’s late Easter holidays.