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Planning for a new arrival

We could never replace our special big boy but just could imagine life without the constant company a GSD brings into your life, so the search was on.

set up this blog which will hopefully keep you posted.  We will also, as and when we get time to explore, try to let you know more about another glorious corner of France.

We were so concerned about the fashion for breeding many pedigree dogs to meet the supposed ‘perfection’ sought by the Kennel Club and in the show ring, we needed to find a special breeder.  With German Shepherds the trend is for ever more sloping, over-angulated back ends which can result in so many problems for the dogs.

Eventually we found the breeder we were looking for but a rather long way away – more than a 6 hour return trip up North of Bordeaux.  On our first visit the pups were only 3 weeks old but as all the dog puppies were spoken for bar one, that was the one for us.  It is virtually impossible to see their characters at that age anyway, so all we could do was cross our fingers.

Another definite plus about our breeder is the time and work she puts into all the puppies before they leave.  They are introduced to everything from unusual objects, loud noises, a collar and lead and even the car.  A group of mentally handicapped adults visit each week to interact with the pups so they are used to meeting strangers.

We have a long wait until he can come home with us at the beginning of March so resolved to return when he would be 6 weeks old.  In the meantime Olivia posts regular photos and videos of the pups and their progress on Facebook so it has been great to see him change, even if it is at a distance.

2 weeks old and his eyes are only just open

6 weeks and already 4 kilo and quite happy to have a cuddle

A lovely sunny day, prompted us to go on a fact finding mission to our closest ski resort which is only an hour away.

We are hoping to get at least one day up there before our new addition arrives, so needed to check out lift passes, ski hire etc – all of which are remarkably simple.

Of course we had to stop for lunch at one of the restaurants in order to complete our research.

A Tale of Two Cities

Steve enjoyed his visit last month so much that he has already returned for another quick visit, this time via Bilbao.  

Result - the perfect excuse to stay for a night and explore the city before his return flight.  It is a lovely city and so very Spanish in every way, the architecture, the tapas bars  and of course the iconic Guggenheim museum.  

Although the three of us are partial to the odd tipple, even we were taken by surprise by the brandy measures back at our hotel.

Leaving Spain, we headed North to enjoy a second night away this time in Bordeaux.  Another beautiful city, this time most definitely French – not only the buildings but most notably the rigid meal times.

Our quaint little hotel was in the heart of the city close to the city’s St Andre Cathedral with its separate bell tower.

Arriving after dark and leaving again the next morning did not allow long to explore, so another visit is on the cards.

Huge it may be…but delicious

Cathedral in miniature

La Pierre St Martin Back