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The need to head North to collect the pup brought with it another chance for a night on the town.    So while Richard had had his usual ‘holiday’ snooze and I set out to explore.

Place de la Bourse, also known as Place Royale, is one of the city’s most beautiful squares.  Work started in 1730 and was completed in 1755 with the royal square dedicated to Louis XV.

Place de la Victoire

A fortified gate stood approximately on the site of the Porte d'Aquitaine (Porte Saint-Julien).

Two huge bronze turtles pay homage to the regions great wines.  With bunches of grapes in their mouths, images on their shells, together with tiny figures of the Roman God Bacchus.

Place du Chapelet

The baroque Eglise du Notre Dame was built by the King’s architect between 1684 and 1707.

The Place is also home to another bronze statue, this one of the Spanish painter Francesco de Goya who died in Bordeaux in April 1828.

Ancient and Modern

Bordeaux is home to many elegant honey coloured buildings, such as the Grand Théâtre which first opened its doors in 1780.

While at the other end of the spectrum is the £63-million ‘Cité du Vin’.  An entire museum dedicated entirely to wine on the banks of the River  Garonne and which only opened in 2016


A great beer

Our insecurities disappeared when Richard discovered a new and utterly delicious beer.

La Chouffe is brewed in the Ardennes and their website Home page tickled my sense of humour when we got home.

Another great find

We had already booked ‘Racines’ a small restaurant just a three minute totter back to our hotel.

With just over 20 covers and an excellent value three course dinner, it turned out to be perfect.    

Oh, lets try it all

With just two choices per course, we could sample everything. Richard was particularly taken with his first taste of Iberico pork, cooked pink as the chef recommended. When we told the waiter how much we enjoyed our meal he asked if we would like to meet the chef.  

Not what we expected

A somewhat daunting prospect bearing in mind our ‘Franglais’ but we were game if he was.

All unnecessary as it turned out when he somehow divined French was not our first language, suggested we speak English as he was in fact a Scot!

We did not get very far before  we were tempted by the offer of an early evening Happy Hour.  We had overlooked the fact that Bordeaux is a university city, so it was somewhat galling to find we were the oldest in there by more years that either of us cared to think about.  

We perched on a couple stools at the bar and tried not to look too conspicuous and were relieved when another aged person arrived.  Sadly this was tempered rather by the fact he appeared to have been taken out for the evening by his grandchildren.  

And By Night

Richard awake and refreshed and me safely back from my excursions, the next priority was to head out for further research this time to see what the local bars had to offer.