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The  9 week old pup we collected who already weighed in at 9 kilo, and was described by the breeder as ‘costaud’ which Haraps translates to hefty or beefy!!   

Fast forward 12 months to his first birthday and our ‘little’ pup is a 44 kilo monster but still very much a puppy at heart.

My favourite toy

When I first came home I was given a fluffy polar bear to cuddle.   Each of his paws have a different squeak which is great fun.

Now I am a big boy I still have my bear although he is a little grubby these days.  All his squeaks still work so I still love to play with him.

Always keen to lend a hand

When I was little they would not let me do ‘proper’ work but I could help tidy up after drinks in the garden.

Now I help with everything, especially the gardening.  Though I do get fed up when she stops for lunch and I have to wait for her to start again.

Size does make a difference

5 months old and I still have to grow into my ears but at least I can fit in this comfy chair.

12 months old and I have my ears in control but sadly only half of my fits in my favourite chair.

Christmas this year was a very quiet occasion with just the four of us at home to celebrate. Richard’s second knee replacement in mid-December meant it was not possible for us to have guests this year.  

However it would not be Christmas without all the trimmings - the tree with its presents underneath and all the decorations both inside and out.

With a long a leisurely Christmas lunch the start of  far too much to eat and drink over the following days.

One of the reasons for the quiet Christmas was that for 45 days following his operation, a nurse would visit to give him his jab, take bloods and generally make sure all was well with the patient.

Not only the nurses but also the Kiné (Physio) to get the old chap moving again.  It may be Christmas but that is no excuse for letting things slide.

On the Day itself , the lovely Mirentxu arrived complete with her Santa hat and bell.  Better still she brought an extra Christmas  present for the  Birthday Boy - she was going to take his staples out.  All 45 of them!