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Our internet providers kindly gave us advanced notice that they would be ‘unbundling’ and thus we would have an interruption to service over the course of a few days.

Duly warned we were not surprised when one day all contact with the outside world disappeared, not only internet but telephones.

A bit fed up, to put it mildly, when we were still cut off four days later, we referred to their notification.  

Here we found their oh so ‘helpful’ suggestion “you can track the progress of the work on our website and here is the link…“

Now I know Himself is a bit of a wizz with  the old IT but even he failed to see how this was possible with no internet connection!

So it was that Free made free with our lives for several very frustrating days and to date we can report we have in no way experienced the resulting improved service they promised.

Natures Bounty

Yves, our caleche driving friend is always keen to share his expertise in home-made apéros.  With our motto of ‘if in doubt put it in alcohol’, we are more than willing pupils.

We had already been given his recipe for a peach leaf drink but with no peach tree were wondering if it would work with nectarine leaves.  So we were delighted when his head appeared over the garden wall one day, followed by a hand clutching the required 40 peach leaves in a plastic bag.

Sadly first our attempt was not a great success and when Yves came over to sample the result of our efforts we learnt the reason.  The recipe simply stated ‘white wine’ and we now know we should have used sweet not dry.  Unfortunately not even we could force it down so are hoping for better luck next year.

However, the sloes which were his next donation to the cause will hopefully prove to be more successful.  Unbelievable though it sounds, we still have several bottles of Le Bosquet Sloe Gin, so have decided to try our hand at the local variation - Pacharán  or Patxaran in Basque.  Unfortunately we cannot report on the results as we are still in the frustrating maturation stage.

2017 has proved to be a bumper year for chestnuts with the marrons reaching gigantic proportions.  I have returned from several early morning dog walks with pockets bulging with the beauties.

In the middle of this photo a  ‘normal’ sweet chestnut is surrounded by this year’s monster offerings.  Just perfect for roasting in the oven for an winter treat.

And Relax…

At long last the terrace and pool house are finished and the perfect spot for a calming glass or two.