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From lizards sunning themselves on the garden wall, to hedgehogs and toads, our garden has its fair share of wildlife.

Added to which we often see magnificent raptors lazily circling in the sky above us

Mrs Tiggy Winkle

Our big dog, Djason, has a distinctive and quite ridiculous bark reserved for when he discovers a hedgehog.  This is our cue to dash out into the garden to see the delightful little animal.

Normally they only appear after dark but it was breakfast time and Lorna and Neil staying with us were so pleased to get the chance to see one up close as sadly they become increasingly rare in the UK.


We are so lucky that they are regular visitors to the garden although you would not think so judging by the very healthy slug and snail population.

Wild life rescue

Early one morning out gardening I discovered two half submerged and wholly miserable little lizards in a bucket with water in the bottom. I fished out but they were cold and sluggish, so I needed to move them to a warm, sunny corner to recover.  

Often it is Mr Toad to be found where I need to weed and dig, so he too needs to be relocated. This time to a cool and shady part of the garden.


Birds of prey

Lunch in the garden on a glorious cloud free day and we were privileged to see up to 15 huge birds of prey leisurely circling above.

Later we found that the Bearnese Pyrenees are home to some exceptional birds of prey, including one of France's largest birds of prey, the Griffon or bald vulture with a wingspan in the region of 2.5-metre.  The vultures are excellent gliders who often survey their territories in groups (10-15 individuals).