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Never thought to ask…

Perhaps not something that has ever occurred to you but in rural France it can take on hitherto unconsidered importance as I found when talking to our local doctor’s wife.

This is a country where home visits are the norm whether from your Médecin or the nurse. Thus his car had travelled many, many miles as he visited his patients in the outlying villages and it was time for a change

Not wishing to splash out on a brand new car he was simply looking for something newer with a lot less miles on the clock. Eventually he found a garage that had two suitable replacements, one white and one grey and therein lay his dilemma.

Could the garage possibly find him a yellow version? Unfortunately not Monsieur.

I am sure by now you are asking yourself why on earth the colour should be so important and above all why yellow?

Quite simple and the answer lies in the good doctors willingness to make home visits.

If a patient coming to the surgery for an appointment could not see the doctor’s distinctive yellow car, there was a strong chance they would assume he was on a call and immediately turn around and drive away.

He knew from experience this would happen as it had on more than one occasion when he had a courtesy car while his own was in for service.

He does now have a smart white replacement vehicle so no doubt he is sitting in his surgery waiting in vain for a patient who is heading out of the car park and back home.