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View from the walls

Overlooking the Gave d’Oloron

Porte Saint Antoine

873 km to St Jacques de Compostella

The Arsenal

Venue for tapas evenings

Starting to look like a pool

We have had a long, long wait during which Richard and I sat and surveyed our state of the art hole in the ground while the sun blazed down.   However one glorious day they returned to finish the pool.   As they started work, Djason took up his post as project manager and prepared to supervise proceedings.

Navarrenx is a fine example of a bastide (fortified towns and villages) found in the South West of France.  This year it is 700 years old and has been hosting a week of festivities to mark this special birthday.

Amongst the celebrations was a Medieval tapas evening with musicians playing some rather interesting instruments.   We have absolutely no idea what they are but assume they are of the period.

It was a really fun evening and everyone let their hair down even if they didn't remove their berets before hitting the dance floor.

If you would like to see more of the action there is a short video on our facebook page - BearnB&B

Navarrenx does not need a big birthday to have fun and holds themed 'tapas' evenings throughout the summer each year.   These are held in The Arsenal which is a marvellous building dating back hundreds of years and whose courtyard makes a perfect setting.

Satisfied that all was correct, the water was turned on and slowly the pool started to fill.  Well, not as slowly as some as apparently the longest fill took 9 days, while we came in 3rd place for the fastest fills over 11 years!

The ground now has to settle before we can lay the terracing.   In the mean time we have laid gravel around the pool.