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Some can be seen from your bedroom at Number 10.

Waking early and getting out of bed to make his good lady wife a cuppa, a guest could not resist taking this view of the mountains from their bedroom window.

While a little further afield…

Gorges de Kakuetta

Two gorges which are certainly worth a visit and can be walked in succession as Phil and Liz did.

The Gorges de Kakuetta route stays at river level, more or less, so is the easier of the two and so almost anyone could enjoy it, although it can be a little tricky underfoot in places.

Towards the end of the walk, a cascade of water from a subterranean stream falls from the rock face and is a simply wonderful sight.

Kakuetta grotto

A little further on is a grotto which you find by crossing a bridge over the main stream and enter up some steps.

The view from inside the grotto is delightful and a beautiful place worth far more than the modest 5 euros entrance fee.

The Gorge d'Holzarte walk is a small section of the GR10 route which runs through the mountains from Atlantic to Mediterranean and for that reason there is no charge.

Gorge d'Holzarte

It is a walk that can be made by averagely fit people of any age although the going can be somewhat more challenging and takes about 50 mins each way.

As you approach the incredible bridge that crosses it you begin to fully appreciate the depth of the gorge and the span of the bridge.

While a good head for heights is called for if you want to look over the edge to the river far below!