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Mother Goose - Duck?

Perhaps in homage to our fondness for all things ‘canard’

Viking raiders

A nod to their Norman fore bares

Monsieur Holland

Still deeply unpopular

Good thinking

However as we discovered yet again today, the French are nothing if not pragmatic.  It took a couple of minutes to realise why the pick up truck outside the house was full of road signs. Answer – they had all been officially removed along the procession route to avoid any ‘accidental’ losses and were now being reinstated.

Not quite Rio

It is February so it must be time for the Geronce carnival celebrations.   Fortunately held over two weekends as the procession was due to be on the first Sunday but it was lashing down with rain and blowing a gale so ever practical it was simply delayed until the following week.

Result – lthe Sunday was glorious with unbroken sunshine and lovely and warm to boot so we were able to sit in the garden with a G & T to enjoy the spectacle.  

The procession passes twice and on the first pass everyone is 'fresh' from the start but when they return some hours later they are all, shall we say, somewhat less 'fresh' but exceedingly happy.  

Zoro rides again

The masked man himself astride a rearing black horse (yes, it really did go up and down). However by the time he returned, he was standing on the rearing horse - I do love the French total disregard for elf and safety.