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1st November and just over 12 months since we arrived we make a start on stripping the shutters – second only in my most detested jobs to painting cast iron radiators.

Fortunately the Meteo is on side and so far (one week into the project) the sun has shone and the weather been gloriously warm.  Apparently, Friday 6th November has been the hottest November day in the South West since records began.

Back in 2007 up in Normandy, Lesley a very good friend, offered to come and paint our shutters for us.  Bless her heart I’m not sure she realised quite what she was letting herself in for.  Summer in France and the idea of painting in the sunshine seemed appealing – however summer in Normandy can be something of a mixed blessing. Instead of strappy summer tops, on more than one occasion she was reduced to wearing a fleece topping off the ensemble with a very fetching bin bag in order to keep out the wind and rain and that was blowing into the outbuilding.

With a vast number of shutters awaiting transformation and the sun shining, Richard suggested a quick call to ask if she fancied a few days away!   However as she is now a very proud Grandma, her commitments lie elsewhere added to which we could not promise this wonderful weather would last.


Only another 16 louvre shutters to go before starting on the rest