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Steve’s departure on an early morning flight gave us the perfect opportunity to spend a night in the rose city.

First things first

It had been a long drive and it was a warm afternoon, so relaxing over chilled beers was the priority.

Later in the afternoon, while our driver retired to the hotel for a nap, we set out to explore.  During our wander around the streets it was of course necessary to stop for further refreshment and what better than a G & T as a nod to its help in finding our accommodation.

PS – it was not all about eating and drinking, we did enjoy a little culture but more about that later…..

Time for another quick one?

Two very large glasses appeared and how clever of the waiter to coordinate Steve’s straws with his outfit.  I must admit that my glass in the foreground does look like a gold fish bowl, complete with gold fish.

Pretty as a picture

This pretty carousel caught our eye as we ambled along the streets running off from the Place.

A perfect dinner venue

Our day ended when we enjoyed a delicious dinner outside one of the bustling restaurants on the square before retiring to bed.

A night on the town

After searching the internet for an age but all the while ably assisted by Monsieur Gordon and his side kick Tonic, we plumped for a small hotel close to Place de Capitole in the heart of the city.  

What a good decision as it was perfectly placed just across the road from the elegant square and its bars and restaurants.

Capitole Courtyard

Henry IV courtyard and gate surviving from the original medieval building

Salle Gervais

originally used to host wedding receptions and is decorated with paintings on the theme of love by Paul-Jean Gervais

Salle des Illustres

Dating back to around 1674 but was redesigned in the 19th century.  Todaythe venue for official receptions and weddings

Grand staircase

As you walk through the entrance and start to climb, the highly decorated splendour of the interior becomes immediately apparent.

Now for the culture...

Toulouse is France’s fourth largest city and the lovely pink bricks used in many of its old buildings have justly earned it the nickname of ‘la ville rose’ (the pink city).

The façade of the Capitole building dates back to 1750 and runs for a stunning 135 metres.  Some of the interior dates back to the 16th Century.

Today the building houses the Hotel de Ville as well as being home to the city’s symphony orchestra and opera company.

In one of the buildings many stunning rooms, there are statues of famous men from the past. Richard was delighted to find the statue of one of his all time heros - Fermat.

Pierre de Fermat was not only a lawyer within in the Toulouse Parliament but a mathematician who is given credit for early developments that led to infinitesimal calculus.

In number theory, Fermat's Last Theorem states that no three positive integers a, b, and c can satisfy the equation aⁿ + bⁿ = cⁿ for any integer value of n greater than two.  The cases n = 1 and n = 2 were known to have infinitely many solutions.

So there you go – not only culture but a little light math to ponder on.

Just stunning

One hero amongst the highly decorated splendour