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An invitation to attend the annual lunch held for hunters from the Josbaig Valley.

Although not ‘hunters’ ourselves, Richard has accounted for a couple of rather small rabbits back in the UK not to mention missing all wildlife with his bow and arrow as a small boy in Melbourne.

We were pleased to have been invited and are keen to meet as many locals as possible, plus it afforded the added benefit of an excuse to at least take half a day away from working on the house.

Meeting first for drinks, with a choice of beer, Port and of course the ever-present Pernod and Scotch.  We did not stand alone for long before being ‘chatted’ to by others stretching our Franglais to its limits but nevertheless charming to be so welcomed yet again.

A delicious lunch followed, starting with melon and Bayonne ham, followed by a tasty fish course.  Next came the star of the show sanglier (wild boar), something our happy bunch of chasseurs pursue and cooked outdoors over a huge BBQ set up in two old cast iron baths.  With local Brebis cheeses with cherry compote (a specialty of the Pays Basque region), a delicious strawberry dessert to finish and of course all washed down with copious amounts of red and rosé wine.

Over lunch we made yet more friends, often resorting to writing on the fortunately paper table cloth to aid communications.  They included the Mayor of a Geüs, another of the Josbaig valley villages and a lady from a different village both of whom want to improve their English.

As Richard did a TEFL course to teach English as a foreign language, back in the UK before we moved over here, he is more than happy to oblige and run weekly lessons.

The original farm shop

The local Chasse is always the first stop shop for any game you are thinking of cooking

If in doubt…

Draw on the table cloth - paper of course!

Not handsome

But absolutely delicious