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Domaine de Cabarrouy

Set in the heart of the Bearn, with the glorious backdrop of the mountains take time to visit this vineyard

An invitation

An intriguing pink envelope appeared in our post box and was all the more interesting as it had obviously not been delivered by the Postie but by hand.  Addressed to Mme Magdalen Green – what on earth could it be?

It was an invitation to share an apero with the rest of the village to celebrate Mothers Day. How lovely!  It seems we are going to be helped with integrating into the St Goin where the sense of community appears to be thriving.

It was a gloriously sunny day and we took a leisurely stroll through the village to the Salle de Fete.

Our charming lady Maire welcomed each of the four new families to the village by name introducing us to everyone.

What followed was a delightful interlude where we got the chance to inflict our Franglais on our neighbours while enjoying tasty little savoury nibbles, followed by delicious mini patisserie and all accompanied by local Jurancon wines.

Sample the Jurancon wines

They will make you very welcome