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A few days after the roofers had taken down their scaffolding and departed, the maçon arrived to erect his scaffolding and start the old girl’s facelift.

Apologies to our neighbours

Richard was certainly struggling to concentrate in his office while two men armed with pneumatic drills attacked the wall outside.

Richard and I were sitting on a wall across the road having just popped out to admire the first wall to receive its final coat when a car stopped.  Bearing in mind I looked like a bag lady with added touches of paint and filler stains, it was disconcerting to say the least that the lady who appeared from it was extremely elegant.  She was however utterly charming and had stopped to introduce herself as a neighbour and also to say how delighted she and her husband are to see the scruffy old house over the road (not her exact words but certainly the implication) looking so much better.

What was this?

It is fascinating to see the old structure of the house appearing, including this old archway.

Hurt locker?

Nearly there and the stone lintels and sills sandblasted on the hottest day of the year so far.  After this the final coloured top coat.

First coats

Once all the old render is off, the walls are pressure washed.  Then comes the first two coats - one rough and the first of render.

At last…

In a previous life we had a client who was a beautician in London and one of her procedures was a herbal face peel. Audrey, a little Irish lass who used to work for us, would remark “Oh great, you go to see Nadine, she applies it, you pay her, leave and then a few days later your face falls off!”

Well watching what is happening to the house at the moment, takes me back to our time with Audrey as it does look a little as though her face is falling off although I have to admit the maçons are nothing like as gentle as Nadine.