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An excuse to bunk off for the day, while back at the ranch the everyone is hard at it.

A well equipped man

With walls a metre thick, it took our plumber several hours to break through.  Fortunately he came fully equipped with the necessary tools for the job in hand.

The thermal baths, housed in a Moorish looking building, followed a further discovery of thermal springs with water around 50° and ten times saltier than the sea.  The importance of salt to the town is celebrated with a museum dedicated to salt and a three day festival in September.

Roof off

Fingers crossed that the dry weather continues as the roof has now completely disappeared.

Not only the professionals

Time to take advantage of the missing roof.  I can rest my bum on the walls of the house while I paint the lucarnes.

French wiring

Never having heard of star wiring, the French go about things very differently.   Hundreds of metres of cable is needed to achieve very little.


A visit to the dentist gave us an excuse to stop off for a reviver in Salies-de-Bearn.   This delightful small spa town is full of little lanes and  perfect for exploring.

Legend has it that the salt, around which the town has grown, was first discovered when a wild boar was found perfectly preserved covered in salt.  So it is that the sanglier is an essential part of the town with a salt water fountain in the shape of a boar’s head in the square and also a magnificent sculpture of the beast set into the paving stones.