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A new year and a lot is planned….

It is snowing

This morning brought an unexpected surprise - snow.  We had been assured by locals that we were unlikely to get any snow down here in the village

The highlight has to be the carnival procession on a Sunday afternoon.  We knew we did not have long to wait when three cowboys and a banana walked by on their way to the start.

Rio it may not be but for small rural villages, the floats were amazing, and represent hours of hard work.  One of our favourites was a fat Mexican, sitting on a three-legged stool, rocking back and forth as he waves his pistols in the air.   

Gone by lunchtime but lots up in the mountains for the skiers.  The next day the sun returned and the conditions will be fantastic.

Huge crane

Hopefully it will leave as it arrived, completely unnoticed.  Richard was in the UK and thoroughly fed up that all the excitement was happening in his absence.

Disappearing roof

I’m not sure what ‘elf & safety’ would think of a man wandering around on the roof wielding a chain saw but then here in France people are far more laid back about such thing

It is all happening

The second week in February brought much excitement with the arrival of the roofer’s crane, though quite how they squeezed it through the back gate remains a mystery.

February also brought the excitement that is Geronce carnival.  Held over the last two weekends of the month, the carnival has concerts and balls each Saturday and Sunday evening.