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At the  beginning of November and our second month in residence, we moved up a gear, admittedly still to a rather low and slow one.

Time to start

Our lovely new range cooker had arrived but sadly looked a little out of place in the chaos that was the kitchen.

After nearly three weeks of labour, we have our new kitchen and are thrilled and just a little self-satisfied.

Not only a kitchen but a nice setting for our first Christmas lunch in our new home.  Once the door was closed, we could not see the chaos beyond.

Someone is having fun

It is amazing what can be achieved with a hammer and an angle grinder, in addition to  a lot of dust that is.

Our kitchen arrives

The delivery of 212 boxes and packets meant we could begin construction rather than destruction.

I’ve always wanted a kennel

Djason decoded he had to lend a hand and supervise and found somewhere just right.

A kitchen in time for Christmas?

Where better to start than with a trip to IKEA in Toulouse to order the kitchen.

The one we inherited was virtually non-existent and so filthy that what there was went straight out into the barn or to the tip.

Then all that remained to be dealt with was a concrete work surface on which you could have landed a jumbo jet. This we discovered when we started to remove it to find it heavily reinforced with steel bars.