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One of the first things we wanted to tackle was the ‘grass’ in what we have optimistically decided will become the back garden and eventually home to the swimming pool.

Time to get digging

Spurred on we set about planting a couple of trees we had brought with us from Le Bosquet.

Stand aisde and let me do it

Richard proved too slow, so Djason decided to take matters in hand and do the job himself..

Our lovely Myer lemon

We set out one day to find a fridge and came back with a lemon tree

Now for the gin

Perfect for all our G & T’s but not much use for keeping our food cold.

One man went to mow

Richard set out astride his trusty mower while I followed on with rake and barrow. It was a long and hot job that called for several cooling beer breaks.

However it did reveal that there was more to this unkempt patch of ground than appeared at first glance. It seems that at some time in the past it had been quite formal with paths running around its border beds and dividing the whole into three separate areas. We are looking forward to having the time to tackle this project as well as the house.

Wandering around the garden centre we were taken by the shape of a tree which initially we took to be an olive tree but turned out to be a pomegranate.  Unable to resist we made our purchase.

.It took a fork lift to load it onto the trailer – I leave it to your imagination to guess how the two of us got it off.

October 2014 and we bid a fond farewell to Le Bosquet our home for the last eight years.  

Time to head South for our new life in the beautiful Bearn.

I’m ready

Someone was determined not to be left behind and flatly refused to get out of the car the night before we left.

Now where are the glasses?

Our kitchen for the time being proved a challenge to find anything.  All the boxes were simply marked ‘kitchen’!

Our whole life is in a box somewhere.  Many happy hours spent playing ‘hunt the …..’

Boxes on the landing

Apart from day to day essentials, this is where things will stay until much needed work is all done

Time to head out

The week before our move from Normandy to the South West, brought a quick trip back to hospital to have the screw taken out of my leg – didn’t you always know there was a loose one in there somewhere although probably not in the knee!

We left Le Bosquet for the last time at 3.30 am on 1st October, arriving here in St Goin at 2.00 pm just in time to decant the dogs and make it to the Notaire for the signing at 2.30 pm.  The removal men were hot on our heels – Phew!

Two days later, Reece and Keith, who had worked so hard to undertake the  not inconsiderable job of packing and moving us left to their next job in Agen.


Boxes in the bedrooms